• Cari Hall

Baby Gut Health: What You Need To Know

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This post is sponsored by Evivo, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I vividly remember both of my newborns having gut issues. Hours after my son was born, he was colicky. I honestly didn’t know what to think or what was wrong. I was not expecting my baby to be crying the way he was so soon. My daughter also had some of the same issues, but not right away. Crying in pain, reflux, gas, awful diaper rashes - it was so many different things that I didn’t fully realize the root cause.

As a first time mother, breastfeeding was something I really wanted to do for my daughter. After so many struggles, I succeeded in breastfeeding her for 18 months. During that time, I had cut out all dairy and eggs from my diet. It helped tremendously with her screaming episodes that would occur after I ate those things, however, she’d still sometimes have random bouts of fussiness. She had to have antibiotics at 3 months old, and that is something I now know just added to her gut health troubles.

This is where Newborn Gut Deficiency comes into play. A recent study published by Scientific Reports shows that 90% of newborns in the U.S. experience this condition and so many moms may not have any knowledge of it.

Newborn Gut Deficiency is caused by a lack of key good bacteria, B. infantis, in the infant gut microbiome, which causes too much bad bacteria to dominate the baby’s gut. This can lead to an unhealthy state and many long and short-term health conditions.

Some of these gut health-related issues are:

•Colic, diaper rash, poor sleep habits, fussiness, gas, and eczema.

•Type 1 diabetes, lack of proper immune system development, and allergies.

I knew how important gut health was back then, BUT I didn’t fully understand how important a good probiotic was. And I think that is why my daughter’s gut wasn’t able to fully heal until now. So with my son having extreme colic, I realize how important it is to use a probiotic that’s proven to work.

Evivo, activated B. infantis EVC001, is clinically proven to fully consume the nutrients found in breastmilk called HMO’s, converting them to key nutrients for baby. How cool is that?!

Becoming a mother is already weighted with so many things, so to have both of my children struggle with something like this was extremely hard for me. I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough, even though I knew I was doing everything I could within my diet to make sure my breastmilk was healthy for them. Little did I know all of these issues were stemming from Newborn Gut Deficiency.

The first 6 months of baby’s life are so vital for immune health. Having a healthy gut is so important, and a perfect baseline for optimal health.

I am continually pleased with how Evivo has backed their probiotic with over a decade of research and clinical studies. They make all of this readily available for parents on their website. It’s so important for me to be able to do my own research, and fully understand what I’m giving my babies.

Evivo is the ONLY probiotic clinically proven to restore the superior strain of activated B. infantis EVC001* to baby’s gut and reduce bad bacteria by 80%. That is exactly why I knew we had to try this. Evivo addresses the problems associated with Newborn Gut Deficiency at the source. I couldn’t be more thankful because now I won’t even have to have my future children crying in pain from having a gut imbalance.

I’m a very intentional person when it comes to natural living, so being able to address the root cause of my children’s gut health issues is so important. Have your children ever struggled with these issues? Colic, gas, fussiness?

You can try Evivo for your baby by using my discount code (BLOG74F8QJ) for $10 off a one month starter kit or (BLOG35DMZ6) to get $20 off a two month or greater starter kit!

*B. infantis EVC001 out-performs other commercially-available B. infantis strains lacking important functions of the H5 cluster

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