• Cari Hall

Must Have for Parents

Seeing your child sick is literally one of the worst things to go through. As parents we’ve probably all been there a time or two, some even more. Being equipped with everything I may need before the time comes is something I always make a priority now. There were times where my husband would have to run to the store very late at night to get things we needed to help soothe our son. He had a cold that caused so much congestion and your average aspirator just was not working. Not long after this happened I found a tool I will never go without again. One I’d like to say is one of the best tools to have on hand as a parent.

Introducing The NozeBot from Dr. Noze Best: it is a battery powered suction device used to clear nasal congestion in babies and kids.

Unlike others on the market the NozeBot doesn’t require you to manually suction your child’s nose! I know I personally always felt I would pass out when trying to manually suction. Haha. This makes it so much easier!

The NozeBot has a two finger nose piece so you have an easier time holding, and stabilizing baby’s head! I’m able to use the NozeBot on my older kids as well, and it’s a breeze! There is no fighting to hold them down with only hand while having to use a device that requires sucking and holding the contraption. The whole process now is so simple and my kids really don’t mind the suction of the NozeBot at all!

One of my favorite things is that the NozeBot has 3 levels of hospital grade suction. It is so effective in removing mucus and it does so QUICKLY. No more fumbling around for minutes at a time with a crying baby. A few other perks are that it is cordless and rechargeable, so just toss it in your diaper bag and it’s ready to go! It’s also dishwasher safe which is so convenient.

The NozeBot has saved us so many times since we’ve had it. My son came down with croup and the whole experience was terrifying. So having the NozeBot on hand was very reassuring. Most recently my newborn had RSV, and let me tell you hearing that diagnosis was really nerve wracking. I just envisioned all the babies I’ve seen that had to be admitted to the hospital over this. We had to keep suctioning his nose so many times in order for him to be able to breastfeed and just breathe. I cannot imagine having to use any other decide because I know for a fact it wouldn’t have had the same effect that the NozeBot had. We were able to a voice taking him to the hospital for sickroom all because we had the NozeBot on hand. It was and still is such an amazing tool to have. As a mama to 3 littles who have had so many colds and various other illnesses this past year I just cannot recommend the NozeBot enough!

One more thing I love about Dr. Noze Best as a company is that they donate a portion of all proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Congress and other organizations that help improve the lives of those with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome are predisposed to chronic nasal congestion, nasal drainage, and more frequent sinus infections, partly due to a smaller nose and nasal sinuses. Dr. Goudy was inspired by the needs of this patient population when creating the NozeBot. So not only does it help parents dealing with random sickness, it helps more medically complex children and their parents.

So before your child gets sick, go ahead and get your hands on a NozeBot. You won’t regret the peace of mind!

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This post is sponsored by Dr. Noze Best, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.