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  • Cari Hall

Photowall Canvases

I had been on the hunt for a custom art piece for Lilah’s room a long while when I was introduced to Photowall. This company is based in Sweden, and owned by two brothers. They are focused on quality, creative design, and custom-made products. This is one thing that drew me in because I was actually looking for an art piece that would cover an unsightly fuse box in Lilah’s room, and I couldn’t find anything locally.

Another thing I love is that Photowall cares about their environmental impact. Every purchase supports their work with Vi Agroferestry, a Swedish development cooperation organization. Together they plant around 5000 trees every year in the area surrounding Lake Victoria in East Africa.

How amazing is that?! Also everything is made to order so no warehouses sitting with products my being wasted.


Above you will see the construction on the canvas piece, and how you will put it together and let me tell you, it was so easy! I really loved that they saved packing materials to ship because otherwise this would have been huge. I absolutely loved the ease of putting it together, and the directions were very thorough.

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